Fenton Collector's Clubs



 Why a collectors' club?

 FAGCA was formed to...

 ...interest people in Fenton Art Glass;

  ...learn more about one of our great heritages, the glass-making industry, and Fenton Art Glass in particular;

  ...increase and promote friendship among collectors of Fenton Art Glass; and

  ...give members an opportunity to participate in new discoveries and general enlightenment concerning the Fenton Art Glass Company, it's history, and products.


  Benefits of FAGCA Membership

 From time to time, FAGCA will contract with Fenton Gift Shop and/or Mosser to produce pieces exclusively for the club. Only FAGCA members can purchase these items.  


FAGCA  produces a bi-monthly newsletter known as Butterfly Net

The newsletter is filled with articles by members, and updates from members across the nation. Members' questions are answered, and members can list items for sale as well as items they are looking to add to their collections. Each issue also includes a special color page of various interesting and unique pieces, submitted by members.   

Local Fenton Club Chapters 

Besides FAGCA, there are a number of regional Fenton Finders chapters across the country.  Contact the FAGCA office for more information about these local clubs

    To become a member contact...
    The Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America
    P.O. Box 384
    Williamstown, WV 26187

    Web: http://www.fagcainc.com



    About NFGS

    The National Fenton Glass Society was formed in 1990 and issued a Charter by the State of Ohio in 1991. Its purpose is to promote and study the understanding of handmade glass. The Happiness Bird symbolizes the freedom of choice and the joy of collecting Fenton Art Glass. The National Fenton Glass Society uses the Happiness Bird in their logo.

    For the collectors...

    • Activities will include glass displays and seminars, special glass sales for members, the annual membership meeting, and the annual banquet and whimsey auction.

    • The NFGS newsletter, The Fenton Flyer, is published and mailed to full members six times per year and contains organization news, educational articles, and other items of interest.

    • Exclusive items are made to celebrate conventions and membership

    To become a member contact...
    National Fenton Glass Society
    P.O. Box 4008
    Marietta, OH 45750
    (740) 374-3345

    Web: www.nfgs.org



    This association was formed for the primary purpose of educating collectors and the public about Fenton Art Glass through seminars, conventions, meetings and a quarterly newsletter.

    For the collectors...



    We have lots of fun!  We provide great value for a little bit of money!

    Free Barbecue & so much more in our Outstanding Hospitality Suites!

    To become a member contact...
    Fenton Finders of Greater Kansas City
    PO Box 67071
    Topeka, KS 66667

    Website: www.fentonfinderskc.net